Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Moon Cast On Crazy

I am doing a little Blue Moon Fiber Arts (BMFA), Socks That Rocks (STR) stash busting. I am up to two plastic totes of yarn from BMFA so . . .without further ado. Today I am casting on the following:
1. Socks - Gingerbread Dude colorway STR Medium weight
2. Socks - Lapis colorway STR Medium weight
3. Multnomah Shawl designed by Kate Flagg at - Lenore STR Light/Fingering Weight
4. The Eyelet Cowl in Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009 ed.; Pages 58, 95 - Atomic #6 Luscious Single Silk (LSS)

I needed a break from Henry 8, I want a transportable project for the Thanksgiving week. It should be quiet at work and then there is the 4 day weekend. I needed some instant gratification projects, although the projects list on my sidebar looks ridiculously long now - whew.

I have received the following DVD collections to keep me company, now and during my recovery from surgery the first two weeks of December.
Rome - the complete series

Millennium - the complete series

Ironside - Season 1

Bones - Season 4

Dead Zone - Final Season

Pretender - Season 4

I have pre-ordered:
Tudors Season 3

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Angels & Demons

Lost Seasons 4 & 5

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Petra said...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince isn't released yet in the US? I wanted to pick up a copy for myself yesterday at a local media market but then I ordered it through amazon last night. Mostly for my daughter who is a huge fan. I already saw it in the cinema.
Stash busting is always a good idea. I should do it with my leftover sock yarn also.