Monday, May 11, 2009

Storage and Stuff

Progress Photos: I completed Chart B and the next 25 Rows of Chart B. The first photo is without flash and the colors are truer. The second picture is with flash and the Mountain Hare is pinker than it really is. The third is close up with flash on.

I have created my Starmore Storage Box. Each yarn has a cubby hole and is labeled with the picture I took for my Ravelry Inventory. The pictures are of the yarn skeins with the label indicating the plys and lot numbers - which is really helpful. When I finish Glenesk I will remove the leftovers and sort Henry VII yarns into the cubby holes. If I finish Glenesk before September, I may start Leo or Lismore. It depends on the timing. This shoe box zips closed so it is the perfect protection for precious yarns.

Shoe Storage Box
Yarn Storage Box
Yarn Labels
Sorted Out

My finished socks from last month - I finally took a picture.

I received a very nice set of stitch markers from StephCat for helping out with the group page on Ravelry.

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cici said...

I think the 1st one looks richest. What a great idea for storing yarn. I have been looking for some way of storing my stash. I love that it zips up. Yay for finished socks. I am also finished with a pair too.