Friday, May 08, 2009


I was looking for a blogger who has knit the Glenesk, using a google search. I did not want to go through a bunch of Ravelry forum posts to find the link again. I found several posts about the Glenesk Sweater out in the wild, including my previous ones. I clicked on Jade Starmore's entry at Virtual, realizing that I did not read the description when ordering my kit. A really creepy coincidence - the Glenesk was a small ship which now resides on Gress Beach. I did not know that when I wrote my Mayday entry, and the fact that so much of my sweater has been knit while watching The Deadliest Catch is a bit weird. Dharmfey would get a kick out of the cosmic connection I think.

Speaking of Dharmafey, congrats on the major shout out from David Reidy on his Sticks and Strings podcast. I agree, your yarn is awesome. Sorry to hear your Socks In The City podcast is coming to an end though.

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