Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick Post

It's my Friday - so there, I am taking Christmas Eve off. Our Vanpool is not running tomorrow and the firm closes at noon - didn't make sense for me to commute 3 hours to work 4 - so I am staying home. I have to make two German Chocolate Cakes. I use the recipe for both the cake and the frosting from inside the wrapper of the Baker's German Chocoalate bar. We only cook from scratch in my house so that means separating eggs, whipping egg whites and slowly stirring caramelly frosting on the stove until it is thick and rich. And yes, I make the 3 layer cakes - no flat square cakes or short 2 layers. I have to make two because that's just how we roll.

I created a game in my mind and will try to make it a reality. We dote on the children in our family and oftentimes forget the adults. So I came up with a game for the adults. I am calling it penny smart and pound foolish. I will pass out pennies to all guests over 18 years of age. Then I will pass out one California Lottery Scratcher ticket to each adult. I will allow a one minute trading period. During the trading period they can swap scratchers with someone else. We all have our favorites, I like the Big Spin Scratchers and my Mother likes the Millionnaire Scratchers. My guy at the Lottery Store had 15 different $1.00 scratcher games for sale. I bought 40, we are supposed to have 35 adults, so I got some extra tickets in case we have a few drop ins. Back to the game, after the trading is done everyone will scratch off their tickets and see what they have won. If you traded away a winner you are pound foolish, if you traded for a winner you are penny smart. I will try not to be too upset if I have bought someone a Million Dollar ticket, after all we are all family.


cici said...

I just finished one Red Velvet Cake over here!.. I love your game idea. I think I might do this for New Years.. You are bound to get some winners.. They say 1 in 3 wins! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Bev Love said...

Yum, I love me some red velvet cake. I hope my Mom makes one this year. Have a great holiday.