Thursday, December 04, 2008

I am on Restriction

I mean really now!!! Every time Renee (Goddess Knits) releases a new pattern or Miriam (MimKnits) has a new pattern available on The Loopy Ewe, there I am hitting the BUY NOW button. It's ridiculous. I have more patterns than I have yarn - and that's saying something!!! My queue is about to max out on Ravelry, it takes me three or four clicks to get to the most recently added to move them to the beginning (temporarily) of the line. Some people have no control - raising both hands. So I am putting myself on restriction.

I just finished my crochet by numbers portrait, including sewing on the backing and adding a cabachon ring for hanging. I finished another pair of socks - which unfortunately does not count towards my 52 pair plunge because they were a pair I finished and had to rip one out and reknit from the heel. I started my magnolia afghan which is a must - it dropped below 30 degrees last night, gotta have my afghan y'all. But other than that I am on a time out.

The terms of my restriction - and public declaration should shame me into sticking to it - (1) no more yarn until I knit up all skeins of a colorway [DONE= Tudor Homespun] (2) no more patterns until I complete a project using a pattern I have never knit or crocheted before [DONE= Magnolia Afghan and Posh Pooches Doggy Sweater, Miniature sweater, vest, mitten and stocking ornaments] (only exception is downloading the weekly clues for the two Mystery Kals I purchased - see I already own them, so they are not technically new ;P) (3) no more needles or hooks until I free two circulars, and 2 crochet hooks from works in progress [DONE= finished socks, sweater, scarf and ornaments] (4) no more books until I read a knitting or crochet book all the way through, AND make the pattern(s) I bought the book for - wow that's a big one for me, I love me some books (5) no more casting on until I finish all of the WIPS currently in the sidebar of this blog - whew, I am starting to sweat. [Finished two projects from the sidebar, but cheated and casted on the ornaments and a scarf for my Sister.]

These may sound more like new year resolutions than a crafting to do list. But really I need to get some control over these areas. I love to knit and crochet, so it is time I started KNITTING and CROCHETING and stopped shopping and searching and browsing for yarn, tools, patterns and such. You know what I mean?

These are not resolutions however, the restrictions only apply until each of them are accomplished. Then I am free to be me.

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