Sunday, December 07, 2008

Photo Op

I had some time to snap some shots.

Completed Davi, bordered and backed. It still amazes me that you can get this result with single crochet stitches. The finished piece is larger than I expected. The upholstery fabric I used as a backing is perfect. The loose ends of the yarn ties is not noticeable. The only thing I would do differently is crochet the border from the very beginning. Picking up the stitches on the top and bottom left a very irregular kind of messy row. This can be avoided easily by crocheting the border stitches as you go, there will be no yarns tied on at the top or bottom. That allows for a much neater and finished edge. Todd is currently offering a pattern promo for the holidays which I completely plan to take advantage of. I want to do my Mom and Dad next.

WIP - Candle Flame Scarf in Wollmeise Buxkranzl (box wreath). Love this yarn!!!

The latest Wollmeise Sock Club installment.
1 Hank of Saami
1 Hank of Jultomye
Both are superwash merino, 574 generous yards. There is a star cookie cutter, gummie bears and a special surprise inside the ball of yarn included. The sock pattern is called Little Brother and it looks like a challenge - I have put it aside for now. I think the Saami will become a bag and the Jultomye a neckwarmer.

The four flowers that make up the center panel of the Homespun Magnolia Afghan in the Tudor colorway.

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cici said...

It's beautiful!!! it is amazing how cool this looks. I sure wish I could get my hands on some wolleise.