Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vaccination Successful

The Earthlink Protection team finally found the proper vaccination for the virus my laptop contracted a few weeks ago - ABOUT TIME!!!!! I can now access Ravelry again and I am not getting those stupid blank screens with a status of DONE.

I finished a third sock. One sock completed the Perchance to Knit pair, the other two are the first Jubilee and Seacoast socks in the pairs, I will cast on the second socks tomorrow. I am going to spend the rest of the day on my Gryffindor bag and the Regia Self Striping socks.

I had lots of Lace KAL charts to print out yesterday. Two of my KALs publish the current hints on the same day, and another KAL started. Yay! I went ahead and enlarged and color coded the first clue for the 2008 Mystery Shawl. The Secret of The Stole ii is giving out some great prizes that I am missing out on because I am behind on hints. That's okay, what would I do with more yarn anyway?!? I cannot wait to get back to these projects though.

I have snapped some photos of my bag, I need to take some shots of my sock progress. I will post those tomorrow. I am flirting with the idea of doing my taxes tomorrow. We'll see. First I need to get through the Passport renewal paperwork with/for my Mom. I am taking her on a cruise to the Panama Canal in October. It's always something - cutting into my knitting time, and my Netflix just came . . . :~}

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Virtuous said...

Ooh ooo it will be dangerous now that you can get back on Ravelry! Haha! But glad they found the vaccine you needed to clear it off your computer!

Gurl...lets not talk about taxes yet! Haha!

What a great gift to give your mom!! Take me with y'all! ;op

I am going to have to get on your friends list for Netflix!!