Thursday, February 07, 2008

Got Heel?

Hi my name is Bev and I am a Lace Addict. I joined another Mystery Lace KAL
:{ I can't seem to help myself!! I am addicted to lace knitting. It is probably good I did since I also got another 5 cones of Jaggerspun Zephyr lace yarn from Halcyon Yarns yesterday. Photos to follow.

The good news is, I actually turned the heel on one of my socks and will finish the sock tonight. Back in the saddle again. I was managing to keep current with my lace knitting, but I made a conscious decision to finish the 52 Pair Plunge Sock KAL first. I worked too hard on that KAL to not finish it. So I will set aside (and fall unsurmountably behind) in my lace knit alongs until I finish all 52 Pairs.

I got some luscious yarns from Cosmic Fibers. One hank lace and one hank sock yarn. Photos to follow.

Moving on.

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