Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I received the last 2007 Rockin Sock Club kit. They saved the best for last. Thank you ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The blues in this colorway are wonderful and it is medium weight this time. Perfect. I will definitely be ordering a few more skeins. I just ordered the Raven Collection - I had bought Lenore, Haida and Thraven to get an idea of what the over and under dying were like. I loved it so I ordered one of each of the colorways in the Raven Series. I moved several scarves and shawls up in my queue because of this yarn collection. I also changed my mind and joined the 2008 Rockin Sock Club, the last colorway and the Raven collection sold me.
STR Bella Coola
I have made much progress on my Arctic Lace North Star Scarf and my Mystic Waters Zephyr version shawl. I added 4 inches each to my Dimple Shale scarf and my Andean Treasures stole. I have removed the Campfire Feather and Fan Scarf and reclassified it as a swatch. The color is just not right. I will try using it doubled for something else later on. I finished one of my Morning Glory socks.

I have the most favorite of knitting diseases - finish-itis. I just want to finish everything. I have not cast on anything new this week even though I finished a pair of socks and am a few rows from finishing my Swap Pal's scarf. What I have not been up to is photo shooting. The scarves and shawls all need to be pinned out for photos - it can wait until they are done!!! I do have my 32nd pair of socks though. The Socks That Rock Amber colorway is like a roaring fireplace.
STR Amber


Adrienne said...

It is my GOAL to knit some socks this year!!!!! A MUST! LOL

Adrienne said...

Umm should be NEXT year! LOL

Virtuous said...

@ Adrienne - yah yah yah! ;op

2008 is the year of the sock for me too!

After watching Bev crank out all those pairs this year I better get on it! :oD Nice stuff gurl!

Finish-itis really is the best disease to have! I just hope it is contagious! :o)

Merry Belated Christmas!