Monday, December 17, 2007


I have been really enjoying the Holiday atmosphere. I have been sitting in front of the fireplace knitting, reading and crocheting. I finished another pair of socks, a scarf, a book and 2 audiobooks. I wound 10 hanks of yarn into balls and cast on another pair of socks. The Mystic Waters KAL has officially ended, the last clue was posted last week. The pattern is now for sale on the designer's website. The shawl is so beautiful with all 8 sections completed. I am making steady progress on both of mine. Even though knitting lace is extremely slow in comparison to sock knitting or crocheting, the results are well worth it. I am really looking forward to all of my upcoming projects. I am almost finished with my EE Scarf, it is 4 feet long, I need to add one more foot.

I received an e-mail from Sarah's Yarns yesterday about the Jaggerspun price increase this week. I went ahead and ordered my yarn for my other knit alongs. I was undecided about colors for the mystery shawls, which was silly to ponder over since I could only order the colors that were in stock. So I chose several earth tone warm colors, with the aid of my color cards and I am now all set for the 2008 Lace Along, etc.

I managed to catch up on the forum chatter on Ravelry, sporting my Ravelry T-shirts by the way. Now I need to do a photo shoot so I can post my new socks and the progress on my WIPS. I might be able to get to that tonight.

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KimT said...

wow,,, sounds like you are ready for 2008. You are one busy knitter. I am inspired! Looking forward to your photos