Thursday, March 24, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I am finally going get to participate in Lets Knit2gether Live show this week on Stickam. I had not been able to join previous shows because they were held while I was working or commuting home from work.

The KnitGirllls and His and Hers videocasters also have virtual knit nights on Tinychat. They have become very popular with the Ravelers and Plurkers. Virtual knit alongs are a great way to show off your projects and discuss patterns, yarn and fiber. Look for announcements on Ravelry and/or Plurk for chat room information.

My technical difficulties were due to equipment incompatibilites. I have an integrated webcam in my laptop - check. I have a headset microphone from my Rosetta Stone language set - check. So what was the problem? The webcam worked but the microphone on the headset was weak and cut in and out. I purchased a new Logitech headset with microphone. The new headset with microphone works perfect, and has great sound quality, but the webcam won't broadcast with it. So I have been either typing or talking without video in the virtual knit nights due to technical difficulties. Last night I decided to troubleshoot in an empty Tinychat room. I tried all of the video and audio settings I could find until I made it work. Fingers crossed, the next virtual knit night or the Lets Knit2gether live show, I will be able to broadcast with no technical issues.

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