Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Dear

I am just not getting it done.  I meant to blog at least once per week, I have failed.  What do I blame my tardiness on?  A gazillion new video podcasts, forum posts, new books, new patterns and the Cobblestone Sweater.  I cannot keep up with the video podcasts or forums any longer.  Which makes me sad, because I really enjoy most of them.  However, the vidcasts take a lot of time to download if you fall behind a couple of days, and they take up a lot of disk space as well.  So I will be culling my list of to-be-viewed.  I joined the Ravelry groups for all of the vidcasts I watch and they are very active, so I cannot keep up with those either. 
The Cobblestone Sweater on the other hand is just plain tedious.  I am knitting on it every day.  I am working on the yoke, so the end is in sight.  But because the rounds are more than 200 stitches of plain purl or knit - it is boring.  I try to stay motivated because I am so close to the end but - ugh, I am afraid it is going to be put away for awhile.  At least until April.

Today I purchased a couple of shawl patterns and  I want to cast on one of them tonight.  I have gotten two Malabrigo pattern books, and purchased several pdf patterns through Ravelry.  I want to start all of the new patterns.  I still have both of my sock club packages, which I want to start too.  Then April 1st is the beginning of the KnitGirllls spin along.  So unless I can get my collectible Harry Potter Timeturner to work something is going to suffer.  Unfortunately it has been my blog.  I cannot give it up yet.  I have to do better, and get back on a weekly posting schedule.

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