Monday, July 05, 2010

TDF10 Day 3 & A Shout Out on TheKnitGirllls!!!

I was so excited to hear a shout out about my spinning on TheKnitGirllls vidcast tonight (ep. 15 part 3 - link in the sidebar). Apparently I am doing well for a brand new spinner, Yay me. I am enjoying it. I would love to be getting more yardage, but I am sure that will come in time.

All three bobbins of the Dyakcraft in colorway #101 Striped have been spun and skeined up. It is currently drying in the shower. I only got 180 yards though. It seemed to be spinning up really thin (for me) so I expected more yardage, but that's fine. It is so pretty. I may ply it with something else or I may leave it as a single and knit a cowl or keyhole scarf.

I started spinning the Gale's Art Tussah Silk and Blue Face blend that I predrafted a couple of weeks ago. It has some really pretty color sections in it.
75% Blue Face 25% Tussah Silk in the colorway Proud Peacock
Because of fiber amnesia I ended up with 3 bumps of this, so I have 12 ozs. But it is very messy, sheds on everything. I have to wear a mask when working with it because it was clogging my nose and throat when I drafted it. I definitely won't be spinning all of it during Tour de Fleece. I think I will just spin this 4 ozs and skein it up.

My WooLee Winder came, but I could not get my tension right and ended up putting my regular flyer back on. I was making a terrible mess of my fiber with the Woolee Winder, it wasn't being pulled into the orifice and was an overspun curlicue. I will practice with my plain solid colored roving after the TDF. It will definitely take some practice.

Tour de Fleece has been great for me so far, I have really gotten joins down and no longer make slubs when adding on fiber. I can also change hooks without back spinning or losing the twist in the yarn I am pinching while I switch hooks. My bobbins are really coming out evenly and getting fully packed. I originally planned to use my drop spindle too, but I have not started a bump on the spindle yet.

It is so hot now that I cannot draft for long because I have to have the fan on. So I may not get around to the drop spindle at all, I was already having trouble keeping my fiber from floating up into the twist before I was working with a fan blowing at me.

In other news, I am 2/3 of the way through my LaLa Simple Shawl. I love this pattern in this yarn. It is so soft colorwise and, to the touch. I have added another 10 rows on the Mystic Desire - hugely modified version. I have my gauge for my sweater but I did not get a chance to cast on before TDF started.

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