Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In With The Old In With The New

More yarn, yep I am on a binge. I am having so much fun!!! I am trying several new yarns and I have been able to get some of my old favorites. My order of Blue Moon Yarns that are being taken out of rotation came, more on them over the weekend.

NEW: I had to get this one, they named it after me 8-)
NEW: I received a pair of sock swap socks made with this yarn once. LOVED THEM. So I finally bought some, and I am going to make a pair of Cookie A socks in it. Royale Navy.
OLD: Lorna's Laces Black Watch. I was so happy to get some more of this. I made one of my early pair of socks in Black Watch and have been trying to get more of this colorway ever since. I may be mistaken, but the blue doesn't seem as dark but I still love it.
NEW: Rowan Cork. Very different. I have started a short row hat with a ball. Final review to come.
NEW: Jitterbug in Velvet Olive. This was on sale - can you believe it? I got it 40% off, the last two skeins. I am going to make a shawl.
NEW: Indie Dyer is another new one for me. This is Gulf Water. I am making a pair of Pomatomus socks.
NEW: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in Taupe. I want to make a hat - I don't quite have enough for the hat patterns I have in my little project folder, but I'll find something.
OLD & NEW: Speaking of Projects. I have a bag full of projects ready to go. Some socks, some shawls, a couple of hats.

OLD: The Clapotis after I have dropped 3 stitches on the straight section.
OLD: The Haiku textured shawl. Originally I was going to make a scarf but I want to use up more of this yarn. This is just one ball so far, and I have six.
NEW: I started the Koigu Charlotte's Web. I am on the 3rd color. This is going to take some serious blocking. It seems so little. I should have gone off pattern and used more of the first two colors. What am I going to do with the leftovers? I can tell you, I don't like this yarn much. Maybe some "gift" socks, or something.
NEW: Socks That Rock Charlotte's Web Shawl, I am starting color two. I like the feel of the heavier yarn. This one will only need a light blocking. Color #1 Jade is transitioning into #2 County Clare.

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cici said...

Yay!!! new yarn. I love them all!! I admire you so much. You are so good about posting it on ravelry. It would take me forever to do this. I do need to make an inventory of my stash. Maybe one of these days. I should do a vacation knitting week♥