Friday, January 08, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

I was reading Pencraftco's blog and she was reflecting on how her posts have changed over time. I went back to my first year of blogging to look at some of my first posts and discovered something devastating. I have destroyed my blog. Yep, I greedily bought about a dozen audiobooks when iTunes had them on sale for $6.95. When I was about 2 hours into importing Roots by Alex Haley, read by Avery Brooks - I got a message that the import could not be completed - I was too low on memory. So I swept through "My Computer" and got rid of old video, audio and photo files. YES - PHOTO FILES. I removed photos that were linked to my blog pages. So ** my posts make little or no sense throughout the previous years, because you can no longer see what the heck I was talking about. Cici I was going to re-post the picture of my electric ball winder, I will have to take a new photo. Okay, I did nab some great audiobooks, but really folks. I LOVED my blog back then. It was all so NEW!!!!

Heavy sigh, some of the pictures are in Flickr, from 2007 forward there are quite a few in Ravelry, and I removed them to CDs and DVDs so they can be retrieved - AFTER - I have listened to all of the books I bought. By the way, iTunes audiobooks are MP4 instead of MP3 which is what my archiving software SONIC handles. If y'all know of another good software to archive files to discs that handles the new mp4 format please let me know. You can pm me at - you may want to leave a comment to let me know a message is coming though, my spamblocker is set pretty high and grabs everything.

In other news my SABLE just got an infusion of SEX. For the Muggles out there, I speak of my Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy being greatly increased due to a recent Stash Enhancement eXercise. I received a box of yarn from the Loopy Ewe yesterday, and a huge box of yarn from Knit Picks today. I have two shipping confirmations from Blue Moon - whoohooo.
I heart my yarn collection.

I wound up the five colorways I wanted to make the Socks That Rock Charlotte's Web out of and as I said I had one ugly duckling. So I dove back into the stash and pulled hanks, ignoring weight. I found the perfect set, but alas I had mis-matched weights. I had already ordered medium weight skeins in the two missing colors I originally chose for the shawl. What to do??? One of the colorways that make the set sheer perfection is Ms LaRock, which is no longer available. So I put together two sets of 5, for two Charlotte Web shawls, one in medium weight the other in heavy weight Socks That Rock. I cannot wait to knit up the swatches.
The colorways look completely different in the hank versus in the ball. I would suggest balling your yarns before deciding on a STR CW set.

In yet some other news, I signed up to two new Ravelry Groups. 10 Shawls in 2010 - I mean really, have you looked at my queue? I was so there already, now I am not alone!! I also joined the 2010 Clapotis KAL, you would be surprised how many of us still have not knit one yet - I was shocked. So we are on the way to correcting that. I will be swatching for that tonight, with something from the Loopy Ewe package.

Yeah, I know there are still those same 4 projects on the sidebar being completely ignored. Not a stitch to be knit. And here I am all caught up in Charlotte's Web and the Clapo. I leave them there to try to guilt myself into paying them some kind of attention - futile, totally futile. I think I will take them off until I actually start working on them again.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I was a party to you discovering the sadness of loosing your early blog posts. :)