Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Truly Lovely

The Knit Picks Zephyr needles were released a little early, the end of July instead of early August. I know because I ordered them and they came today. What can I say, they are gorgeous. I have a set of acrylic crochet hooks that I love - although I did have to stop using the ones under a size J because I kept breaking them. So - of course I wanted the acrylic knitting needle tips!!!! DUH!!! You know I am going to have to break my monogamy and cast on something just to use these new needles. Yes Yes Yes!!!

I also ordered "almost" all of the new palette colors . These yarns are beautiful! I have some ideas in the back of my mind about creating a tapestry. We will see. I have one more Sipalu pattern to knit, then I will restock any of the palette colors from the two sampler kits that I may be running out of. I will have almost every colorway then. Once I have them all in hand, I will start designing my master piece. I also ordered 20 balls of the silver palette to knit another feather and fan wrap, this one for myself.

I have 5 more rows to knit on the body of the Glenesk before I delve into the armhole steeks and edge stitches. I don't really get that next step, but I will put a shout out to the folks on Ravelry if I get really stuck.

eta: I completely forgot to post - I finished the Wollmeise Candle Flame Scarf and it is truly lovely ;} cheers!


Anonymous said...

you do steeks!! I'm scared, real scared. The idea of cutting knitting, before felting freaks me out!
I hope you are well! We only have 4 monthes to see each other before the years over...xoxo Amy forgot my blogger name/password oops!

Bev Love said...

Bless her heart, I remember Amy's blogger name but I wouldn't be able help with the password. Always good to hear from you.