Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh Dear

I spotted a knitter out in the wild a couple of days ago. She was knitting a hat out of what looked like Noro Silk Garden, very pretty. I was so overwhelmed by actually spotting another knitter that I just started babbling at the poor woman. It turns out geographically she does not live far from me. She told me about another knit group in Pleasant Hill, I told her about the one in Antioch. I gave her my card with my Ravelry user name. Then I had to rush off to the vanpool. I have not been friended by her in Ravelry - I fear I scared the poor knitter to death being so enthusiastic about her hat and asking all those questions!! 8-/ Well at least I did'nt make her drop a stitch ;0

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Anonymous said...

I have been gone for a few months and just got to catching up on your blog and I just have to tell ya, I think we have really similar tastes in yarn, patterns etc. We're even almost the same age (I'm 13 months older). It's a little eerie how many similarities I see, besides Glenesk, which I STILL haven't started. Can't wait to see some photos of yours.