Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Goodness

There is some crazy going on. If it ain't one thing it's three others. Where to begin? First I was sick and not wanting to do ANYTHING. Then when I was back up and running I had a gazillion things to do. The stupid airline CANCELLED our non-stop flight from Baltimore to SF and did not inform us. I just happened to be online for something else and poppped into reservations and saw the change. IDIOTS!!!!! Spent half the day with horrible on-hold music getting that straightened out. It will now take us 10 hours to get home instead of 5 hrs and 50 minutes. Also, had to call the Hotel in Baltimore to let them know we would be checking in with the vampires instead of like normal human beings because we are getting there 4 hours later than our original flight from SF to Baltimore - suckalicious. Last flight on this airline - I kid you not.

One of my girls messed up big time and now we are going through a bunch of crap at the office. Geez!!! The vanpool went up, my homeowner's insurance went down. The dog has been cuter than ever. I got $10 on a Lottery ticket and the beat goes on.

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