Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh My Blog!

Do you ever read your blog? I was just looking for a picture I knew was in an old post - 2006 or 2007 - and I scrolled back through my posts looking for it. I was amazed at how many swaps, yarn purchases, patterns, projects and so forth I have gone through in the last 2 plus years. Really amazed!!! It makes me miss swaps a little, but I had two bummers in a row and have sworn off of them. I miss Harry Potter a little now too. There was so much going on in the Potterverse this time last year and in 2006. My yarn tastes have completely evolved also, from Webs to Wollmeise. Lastly is the podcasters that no longer broadcast. I truly miss them, I hope they are all well and crafting.

One more day, then I will have the whole weekend to catch up on my posts and photos. I have socks to take pictures of and some wips I really want to make some progress on. It is freezing in San Francisco - quite a difference from the 95 - 98 degree temps in Mexico and South America. The first wip I want to finish is a scarf. I can also start using my Adamas and Japanese Feather & Fan shawls every day, since the cruise nights I saved them for are past. I still need to put my one time use cameras in to be developed. I cannot wait to see the pictures I took with the python named Syd.

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