Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trying to Focus

I have been under the weather. I could barely raise my head from the bed for four days straight. Such a waste of good knitting time!!! But before the plague hit I did finish a ball of yarn on my Dimple Shale scarf and got started on ball 3, it is a 4 ball scarf. The yarn is so soft and the pattern is a four row repeat. I am trying to focus on one pair of socks and one lace project at a time. I did not get to finish the Sassy Socks as planned because I fell over and could not get up. I really don't know why people take drugs when they don't have to!!! I hate being incapacitated by cold "remedies". I made it to work today, but I still feel puny and cotton-headed. Geez, I hope I don't look as bad as I feel 8-/

Well at least I got good yarn love in the mail. Five skeins from the Yarn Chef and two of Schafer Anne from the Loopy Ewe. Don't know when the next photo shoot will be, but I will get to it eventually.

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Virtuous said...

Ooh hope you can focus soon and the med hangover will evaporate soon!