Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well I saw the Orthopaedic Specialist and what I have is a Giant Cell Tumor on my thumb bone. Surgery will be required. It is non-cancerous and can be removed while awake. I opted for being put to sleep because the one I have is so large it is pressing against two nerves - hence the pain and discomfort. It is best if there is zero movement when they are cutting around the nerves. The surgical waiting list is 2 weeks to 2 months long, which is common in our area. I am still waiting for an appointment for the nerve conduction study regarding my carpal tunnel. These are two separate ailments but Dr. L says they can probably do both surgeries at once. A ray of light at the end of the tunnel :/

Anywho, I can still knit for awhile. I almost finished my Sister's socks. I need to do the toe decreases. Then I am going to pick one of my Lace WIPS and work it until it is done. I have learned a lesson with the Mystery Shawl/Stole KALS. I am not going to be concerned with keeping up with the clues each week. I just ripped out two of them Sunday because I did not like the finished piece(s). I lost a little Zephyr on one of them, got entangled just at the end. I also had some major problems with some Wollmeise, trying to wind it into a ball. I got about 2/3 of it in a nice perfect cake, the rest looks like my hair after swimming when I was a little girl still wearing a press and curl (sorry if you don't get the reference).

I have informed my cast and crew at work that they will be called upon to do high-click tasks for me, cause it hurts to mouse!!! Now who can I get to cast on The Bad Nauheim shawl for me, hmmm?


Susan said...

I'm sorry. Hang in there. I'm sure you'll be happy after the surgery is a success.

Virtuous said...

AAh so glad it is non-cancerous!

I rather wait and get both of them out the way at the same time! Hope it happens soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,
Sorry to hear about your sore thumb...
Good luck with surgery,I'll be thinking of you!