Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mystic Waters Duet

I am determined not to be outdone. I restarted the Mystic Waters Shawl in the Zephyr and I figured out how to take good photos of the Anne Rain Clouds Shawl too - it requires FLASH.

Go figure. I am so used to taking pictures without the flash that I was surprised at how much better the shawl came out with the flash. A small bit of stash enhancement this week. Ordered some Baruffa Cashwoool for my 2008 lace knit alongs and I received some really nice sock yarn as a gift from my HSS Angel.

I finished another pair of socks - 30 out of 52.
Plain white stockinette socks in Winter White DK weight. They worked up so fast on size 4 needles and they are so thick and soft. I am definitely making some more of these.


bethanie said...

I love that color of blue!

Dipsy said...

Your shawls are amazingly beautiful - I absolutely adore both patterns, and the colors you chose are so gorgeous too! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Petra said...

I really have to cast on the Mystic Waters shawl also. But I can't decide on a yarn. I love both of your shawls the green/turquoise almost a little more although I am not too much of a green person.