Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fabric Choices

I am a die-hard Aida stitcher. I also like beautiful hand dyed fabrics. I have experimented with dyeing my own fabric as well. I stitch a lot of Dimensions, Janlynn and Bucilla kits. I have noticed that the fabric provided in the kits does not always meet my needs. I have had some pieces of fabric that did not have a large enough non-stitched border for easy framing. I also like to have a sufficient amount of  fabric outside of the Qsnap and hoop while stitching.

I will replace fabric provided in kits with a larger piece or different color to suit my taste. I will also change the count of threads in a fabric to change the look of the final stitched piece. My preferred fabric is 16 count, which is 16 threads/holes per inch. If I want an even smoother finish I will use 18 count fabric. I just purchased two kits with fabric measuring over 36 inches; if I use the 14 count aida provided. I don't want the finished pieces to be that large, nor do I want to worry about running out of thread.  I will be stitching them both on 18 count fabric.

Not all designs are suitable for a hand dyed fabric.  I generally do a floss toss before making my final decision.  I like neutral fabrics for any design that contains wording.

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