Friday, April 30, 2010

My Bad

I have been meaning to post for days. Just keep forgetting. I have been knitting like crazy.

I am almost finished knitting sock #2 of the Austermann Step.
I am on color number 3 of the short rectangle of the VK #28 Lace Wrap.
I cast on and frogged a Matter and Void Shawl and went back to the plain old Clapotis in Interlacements Tiny Toes and Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. It is coming out gorgeous. I have knit through Section 2 on that.

Those are the three projects I am focusing on right now. I wound the yarn for the Sanguine Gryphon Minotaur sock and the yarn for the Mystic Desire KAL. I wound some other yarns up while I was in the stash box - 3 different Mystical Creations colorways, and they are beautiful. I have been chatting with some of you readers via e-mail so I have not completely lost touch with my knitting friends.

I am getting excited about the SF Ravelry Meetup on May 16th. I just ordered some cards and totes to identify myself. I had to create a new Palette PC logo, my old one is on an old computer and I just do not have the time to pull it up and email it or whatever to my current laptop. I had a desktop publishing company at one time and for the last two years I have not been doing any business so I did not transfer any of the company stuff to my new laptop.

The Wollmeise I sent off found its way to its new home. I still have 3 skeins I am willing to part with. I don't mind keeping them though.Mohrchen

My iPad is floating around San Francisco in a FEDEX truck somewhere - can you say "refresh tracking webpage" ? [it's almost like a Wollmeise update] It is supposed to be here by 3 pm. I have it set to e-mail me because Office Services is not always attentive with the mail rounds. We'll see.

I hope to post some of the photos I have been taking as I knit along on my projects. This weekend I have an Ultrasound appointment then I will be casting on two pairs of socks toe-up. I am not looking foward to either event. Cheers.

eta: oops I forgot, I finished one Noro fingerless mitt and the wrist of the second one.

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